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Don't let bounce, disposable, spam-trap and deactivated emails decrease your sending reputation, waste your time and money. 25% of emails go bad in just one year. If over 8% of your emails are bad, then less than 55% are delivered. Use a bulk email verification tool to eliminate any bad emails

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How It Works

eChecker email list cleaning service allows you to upload and validate lists of email addresses quickly and securely using these three steps:

Step #1

We'll clean your list by detecting invalid, spammy or non-operational mailboxes.

Step #2

We make sure that no one on your list receives an unsolicited email during validation.

Step #3

The result is a clean email list you can use effectively in your marketing campaign.

Features that make your list clean!

Minimize Bouncing

Remove invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database using an SMTP check.

Disposable Email Checker

Checks to see if an email address from a disposable email provider, such as Mailinator exist.

Catch-All Domain Checker

eChecker bulk email verifier can identify catch-all domains, which return valid for all emails.

Syntax Eliminator

Using a bulk email checker, email addresses with invalid syntax are immediately removed from your mailing list.

Anti-greylisting Technology

Simulate a well configured email engine to reduce the number of unknowns.

Email Deduplication

if enabled, all duplicate email addresses are removed automatically.

Email Verification API

eChecker API allows you to verify email addresses instantly on your platform.

Selectable Download Options

eChecker App allows you to only download the results you want.

Spam-trap Removal

All records of spam are removed thanks to our intelligent Spam-Trap Indicators.

Team Account

Add all your team members to one eChecker account and consume the same source of credits.

Domain Confirmation

The email addresses containing inactive, invalid or parked Domains are removed.

MTA Validation

Checks the Email Transfer Agent to identify whether or not it has a valid MX record.

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